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On an ordinary day, Maggie was exploring the playground. She skipped, she hopped, and chased after the falling leaves from the giant trees. In a crowd of colossal statues, one did not look like all the others.  The tree stump stood as strong and as tall as a tree stump could. It had the grandeur that could have only been a fraction of what it had been with its whole self. The cut was sharp and clean with a straight line that was parallel with the horizon. Maggie jumped up onto the stump.

She looked at the tree next to it and then at the stump. “What happened here?” Maggie asked the neighboring tree. Maggie looked intently at the leaves of the neighboring tree. She closed her eyes and listened. The leaves oscillated gently from left to right in a slow rhythm. “I won’t let this happen to you,” she whispered.

A gentle breeze blew across them. The trees around her responded.  Maggie knew then that it was some form of a “Thank you”.

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