The Journey Back

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Tova was the center of all bunny conversations after she came back from the Forest. She broke the long-held theories of the giant creatures. The fact that she came out in one piece was proof enough to the Heebobo bunnies that they may have misjudged the bears. Tova held a meeting to plan for an expedition to return to the forest.

“The bears are friendly creatures. I met several! They’re funny and kind, ” Tova raised her arms up in excitement.

“If Tova came back unharmed, then our theories were wrong. We have to find out what we do not know. There is so much to be discovered!” Theodore stood next to Tova and smiled. It was his voice calling out her name that night when she found her way back in the dark.

“I’ll guide us through the forest. We’ll have a blast!” Tova glanced at Theodore.

There was a moment of contemplation in the crowd. Mattie stared into the far distant forest, pondering at the mysteries behind the curtain of trees. Maggie tilted her head sideways. Bella played with her tutu.

“We must discover!” Tova and Theodore exclaimed in unison with their eyes wide open with excitement. The crowd sniffed the aroma of enthusiasm from the pair and was convinced. They nodded.

“We meet back here tomorrow morning!” Tova said.

A douse of anxiety and excitement filled the crispy morning air as the bunnies gathered together. Tova led the crowd to the forest. At the entrance of the forest, she stepped forward and turned to the right and then left. No dancing bears in sight. She waved the rest of the crowd to proceed. Each bunny hopped across the invisible line and paused to relish the achievement.

In the forest, Tova led the congo line of the Heebobo bunnies and trekked through the unknown terrain. Throughout the journey, the bunnies were easily distracted with the rustling noise of the fallen leaves. Tova kept them focused with an occasional comforting comment. The trek was arduous for their bunny statures. They climbed up the steep slopes only to find themselves to have to nearly slide down again. At the top of the mountain, Tova stopped the line.  The curvatures of the rolling mountains and the brush strokes of water carving through the bumpy terrain was an unknown landscape to the bunnies. Plain flat ground was all the bunnies have ever known. They were never up so high. At the top of the mountain, each of one of them absorbed the beauty. In silence, they flopped their ears in joy and excitement.

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