The Discovery Proclaimed

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Theodore’s adventure continues…

After the bunny nap, Theodore was energized to embark on his mission to return home.  He hopped up the cliff, skated across the slippery path with his bare bunny feet and climbed up the stalagmites as if the cave was an obstacle to certify for a bunny ninja. At the mouth of the cave, he climbed up the dark hole and took a deep breath. He felt himself immersed in water again. It was a familiar yet foreign feeling. He wiggled his arms and legs. This time, he was ascending up towards the sun. After he reached land, he climbed over the rocks as the sound of the waves pounding against the rocks disappeared behind him.

Once Theodore reached the Heebobo bunnies, he called for an important meeting. He gathered the bunnies in a semi-circle. There was a brief silence. Theodore gasped for air.

“I went in the water!” He exclaimed.

The “ooohs” and “aaahs” reverberated around the circle.

“There is another world under water. I saw Ulva fenestrata,!” Theodore explained.

The other bunnies glanced at each other.

“It’s Latin for sea lettuce. I saw lots of them!” Theodore exclaimed. “And then I got into a cave! Under water! It was incredible! And slippery,” He paused. “There must be creatures living down there. We just never knew. We must go back.”

The bunnies were stunned by the amazing discovery but none raised their hands. Theodore waited for volunteers. Silence.

“Tova?” Theodore whispered nervously. All the bunnies looked at each other. “Where is TOVA?” Theodore shrieked.

Tova was absent in deed…

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