The Cave

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Theodore’s adventure continues…

The cave was a chilled-at-sixty-degrees acoustic theater featuring a musical masterpiece of the water droplets sliding off the cone-shape chandeliers at varying distance and pace. Gravity pulled the structures hanging from the top towards the ground while an opposing force elongated the bottom-dwellers to strive high up in the air. The interplay of the two forces amused Theodore. He hypothesized that these structures were stalactites and stalagmites, the former referring to the top and the latter referring to the bottom.

Theodore ventured towards the heart of the cave. The floor was very slippery. With one mishap of a step, he lost his tiny bunny grip. A squeal echoed around Theodore as he slid off a cliff. In a swift movement, he caught himself in a hole on the deep slope.  Theodore dangled his upper body in mid-air as he reoriented himself.

With each careful step, he slowly descended down the slope. Time was lost in this place. Theodore yawned. Must be late, he thought. But he had no idea. He must take a bunny nap before going back out. Theodore retreated to a comfy hole he spotted. When he went inside, the place offered all the comforts of his home. He yawned again…

The adventures continues…


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