The Big Bears

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The Big Bear Forest was an uncharted territory for the Heebobo bunnies. Legend had it that the bears inhabited the forest… That’s as much as legend had. Tova wanted to demystify the legend. She believed that they could be friends with their neighbors even if they trumped them in size.

One day, she ventured into the Unknown to seek out the bears.  At the entrance of the forest stood three giant bears, each mounted in their fierce positions.

“Hello, my name is Tova,” she introduced herself.  “Nice to meet you.” Tova looked at each one of them for a response. The bears did not flinch. “Umm, well. I’m from the Heebobo World and we’ve never been here,” Tova rambled to fill in the silence. “You guys seem nice…and big…” Tova trailed off.  She began to suspect that she was talking to herself and that they were merely statues looming above her.

The bear in the center blinked. He turned his eyes to his left while Tova was deep in thought.  The eyes of left and right bears panned to the center so they could strategize what to do in this rare  encounter. The center bear blinked twice.

“Maybe I mistaken you for …. I -” Tova was interrupted by a rumbling deep voice from above.

“Learn the dance,” the center bear said.

Tova almost missed what he said as she realized that she was in fact speaking with the bears!

“Learn the dance,” the left and right bears repeated.

“Very well then!” Tova exclaimed. “Where should I start?” She walked to the center bear. The center bear growled. Tova quickly retrieved and looked up to the bears for direction.

“Come over here,” the left bear said.

Tova walked over to the left one.

“Right arm up and leg up,” the left bear directed.

Tova abided. She flared her right arm high up in the air, hiked her right leg up, and balanced her weight with her left leg.  Every time she tweaked her gesture, she looked to the left bear for approval. After one slight adjustment of the right arm, the left bear chuckled and blinked.

“Over here,” the right bear directed.

Tova hopped to the right bear. When she perfected the position, the right bear chuckled and blinked.  Tova then walked to the center bear. This time, he did not growl.  She imitated his form and adjusted herself until he chuckled and blinked.  Tova hopped back to her place and performed the three gestures in a sequence. The choreography exuded a sense of warm tinkling feeling bubbling up from within. It was the bear dance! It was a happy dance and Tova could not stop.

The three dancing bears laughed.  “Welcome,” they greeted her in unison.

Tova’s adventure continues…


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