Sea Life

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Theodore ventured to the beach one afternoon to curb his curiosity of the sea. He sat on a log and studied the ebb and flow. A hard day’s work, he thought.

The hypnotizing chorus of the tides and the soothing warm sun assuaged Theodore to take a cuddly afternoon nap.  He nearly succumbed until a patch of green caught the corner of his eye.  He shook off his stupor and walked to the green mass that was lying on a bed of rocks.

It was Ulva fenestrata, also known as sea lettuce! This stuff was only mentioned in the bunny books and stories but Theodore had never seen it with his own eyes.  He edged closer towards the emerald green. The sea lettuce danced to the rhythm of the tides.  The ebb and flow movements revealed a glimpse of a whole another world beneath. Theodore gasped!

I’ll need to dive in! He exclaimed.

The adventure continues in Sea Life Part 2…


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