Sea Life Part 2

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Theodore’s adventure of sea life continued…  He walked around the slippery rocks and eyed for a deep spot to dive in. The water was calm but it was glittery as the sunlight kissed its surface and hid the bottom of the seafloor. Theodore closed his eyes, took a lungful and jumped!

The water wasn’t too cold. It comforted him. He wiggled his legs and arms to navigate in his new surrounding. He repeated the motion again. His motions and visual frames did not match. He was sinking! Fast. He wiggled again. This was a huge mistake, Theodore thought. He closed his eyes to think calmly about his next actions.  Then darkness engulfed him. Silence.

When Theodore realized he was not moving anymore, he opened his eyes one at a time. It was dark but not too dark. Water no longer surrounded him. He took a tiny itty-bitty breath to test and concluded that it was air. He sighed in relief.  He slowly turned his head from left to right and dared not move.  He was surrounded by giant formations of an eclectic sort of shapes and sizes that abundantly inhabited in an otherwise bare landscape.  Theodore trod softly on his first few steps. He approached the nearest object and touched it with his hands and face. It was moist. He sniffed it. Nothing easily distinguishable.  With a twinkle in his eye, Theodore realized what this place was.  A cave! He raised left hand to claim his major discovery.

Theodore looked around with a new sense of awe.  There was much scientific work to be done.  He strutted his way into the mouth of the cave.  There was much to be discovered…

The adventure continues in The Cave….

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