Big Toes

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Tova stepped into the Forest after greeting the bears at the entrance. She skipped to the rhythm of the sacred dance that the bears taught her. The warm hues of the fall foliage radiated the path for Tova to delve deeper into the mysterious realm.

A white rotund figure sat comfortably in a bed of fallen leaves. As Tova inched forwarded to decipher the creature, it wiggled.  Its pearly white stomach belched as it shuffled the dry leaves from underneath. The leaves paved the way and unveiled  two sets of three fat toes nestled in the warm earth.  What big toes!  At the sight of the giant toes, Tova tiptoed away from the creature’s range of sight to avoid disturbing him… or the toes.

A crackle sizzled from where Tova tinkled her toes on the crispy leaves. The marble eyes twirled around radaring for the epicenter of the disturbance.

“Raaaaaaaabt, ” the creature bellowed. A long but slender tongue shot out and thrusted itself towards Tova.

“Uh-oh,” Tova whispered. Surely bunnies are not what it eats, Tova thought.

With a hop of courage, Tova jumped in front of the creature.

“Raaaabit” Tova imitated. “Raaaabit, “ Tova instinctively skipped and hopped. Left arm up, left leg up; Right arm up, right leg up, then she switched. The bear dance soothed the creature. It nestled itself back into the bed of leaves.

Tova’s adventure continues…

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